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So you’ve reached the capital of I-Hate-My-Life-Ville, home to the blog where I distribute my frustrations and hardships among the people who are unfortunate enough to relate to it.

Aside from the negative, though, I also dabble in the visual arts, which I will sometimes display here, and excel in the musical arts, specifically in my piano playing and composing. I enjoy listening to a variety of music from different time periods and genres, which is shown in my constantly-updated music playlist.




Have you ever seen someone you’ve long lost since your childhood who you used to be friends with when you were 6 but you just saw them again at a party/gathering/reunion 8 years later and thought, “Dang, puberty hit”?

Me when I attended one of my friends’ high school graduation party on Sunday.

I barely recognized this dude named Mark but he didn’t even remember me. We used to go camping in Sedona when we were little. He didn’t even know my name rip

But I remembered him as this innocent kid named Mark a long time ago, and now he looked… really good. He had a variation of the fboi haircut but worked it like a bowss and wore an edgy jean jacket. Later, the girl who was graduating complimented him on his fashion sense. Oh and did I say, “Dang, puberty hit”? That’s why I could barely recognize him. He didn’t even look Viet anymore. He looked like a Mexican child model.

Anyway low-key salty but refreshed that I met this guy after so many years. XD

He went with his friend named Kenny, who I also remembered from our early childhood, but even he didn’t remember me. Is it that I have a superior memory or am I just not a memorable person??? 😦

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~ Luka Puka

Ideal Japanese Music

Although it sounds like a pretty good anime OST, this is what’s considered generic and common in Japan. This is why Americans love anime OSTs.

I found this off of the Japanese Yamaha YouTube channel where they post vids from International Junior Original Concert (IJOC), JOC Highlights, and JOC Recordings. This one was from JOC Highlights.

If you’re wondering, the instrument she’s playing is called an Electone Stagea. It’s a digital instrument with two keyboards and foot pedals. The instrument can be programmed to play drum beats and switch sounds when you want.


My Composition (FINALLY)

Yes, that’s my face. My humbling face.

Here’s the composition that got me to California and Tokyo. 😛

As I’ve said before, the instrument that my co-performer, JB Smith, is playing is called a vibraphone.

Hope you enjoy!

Also it’s summer. Summer = free time = time to make vids.

I honestly don’t even know if I’ll have the motivation to because I’m always a lazy butt.

I’ll create at least one thing over this two-month break.

I promise.


~ Luka Puka

I’m going to Tokyo!

What I’m about to tell you is pretty insane.

Those of you guys who have ever looked at my blog know that I am really into music composed by people my age, specifically those who have performed at the International Junior Original Concert. I’ve posted several links to the recordings of said performers, including one I later found on YouTube:

(This was Megan Chang, a Yamaha student from California performing her original composition, “Candy Clouds,” in Tokyo.)

Some pretty amazing music is performed at this event.

Now I told you in another post that I got into the National Junior Original Concert, which is an event where 12 students chosen out of hundreds in the country perform their original compositions.

Then there’s the International Junior Original Concert, where Yamaha officials in Japan review the recordings of every JOC composer aged 5-14, and a dozen students are selected out of 40,000 in the entire world to perform there. And they chose me to represent the U.S. (And not every year do they pick an American composer!)

Story time: I was playing Splatoon one day until the head of my Yamaha school texted me. I died in Splatoon and took my respawn time to glance at the notification (true story believe me k anyway), and I quickly read it. She said I was going to Japan and I got into IJOC.

And yes I got really excited, I turned off the Wii U mid-game (lol my team prob lost because I’m pretty good), and I told my dad about it. Turned out my parents were hiding it bc the administrator wanted to tell me the news.

My three-and-a-half minute composition called “Saturday Procrastination” will be featured in the International JOC in August and I’ll be performing it at Yamaha Hall in Tokyo. I also have a co-performer, whose name shall be hidden for now, on the vibraphone, for which I arranged my composition. I get to rehearse on a concert grand and be coached by certified Yamaha judges and have a professional recording and copyright label on my work, which will probably look amazing on my résumé.

I never thought I’d say so, but I’m gonna need to brush up on a little Japanese lingo. Not like weeaboo trash “hanatewakusoshiseotadashiteteriyakisuzukihondacivic” whatever but simple greetings and courtesy phrases and stuff because I’m going to be with 11 other students, most of which will be Japanese locals. Hopefully they know some English, too.

What I expect Tokyo to look like:

Image result for tokyo

Image result for tokyo temple

Yamaha Hall:

(Not very big compared to Bunkumura Orchard Hall, the one Megan Chang performed at. Yamaha has changed up their entire IJOC format and location since 2016, so this is it.)

It sounds pretty coincidental and all that much of my later posts on here were about the IJOC and how I loved some of the pieces from it and posted them here. Now I’m going to be a part of it!

I’ll be sure to link to a video here of my duet performance as soon as possible. The U.S. Yamaha board usually posts the videos of the National JOC performances on YouTube and, for the first time last year, the Japanese Yamaha YouTube channel posted the International JOC performances, so you’ll get to see both of them.

I’m pretty sure I’m performing at NJOC on July 16th and IJOC on August 21st, but I don’t know every single detail yet.

Thanks for reading, and I wish myself luck performing at both of these rare occasions!

– Luka Puka

delayed yet again

remember how i said i might actually be posting piano stuff later on

well turns out i have two huge projects going on so im booked 24/7 so it looks like i wont be doing anything i want to until summer

and even then i have homework over the summer from the high school im going to which btw is disgusting and unneeded and ugh just let me enjoy the overheated indoors for two months

if i promised to make it a 3-day school week or less would u guys elect me president and then id make a luka puka holiday every other week on school days


i got clubmaster glasses

(clubmaster glasses are basically wayfarer’s glasses but without the bottom half rim and with a metal bridge the same material as the bottom half rim)

(and wayfarer’s glasses are basically your common “geek” glasses like these):

Image result for wayfarer's glasses

mum was kind enough to get these from amazon though she said she didnt like them

Amazon link:


(sorry i cant find a way to copy/paste the pic, save it, and too lazy to screenshot it)

i wanted the gold rims but she said they looked too gaudy so we negotiated for like hours over a 2 day period and finally she bought me one with silver rims

at first i thought they were too big for my face when they came in the mail but then i realized thats exactly what my face needed – a horizontal feature – bc my face is kinda vertically long and my glasses would complement it



Not that I care, but I’d consider any advice on what shape glasses would probably suit my face. My mom has a completely different sense of modern fashion so she’ll probably freak when she sees me wearing these.

Frankly I think I look not bad. Don’t know what else to say.

So be as mean as you want and tell me that they look bad, if so. If not, there’s always room for improvement etc. etc. yeah just comment please and you might even convince me to get different ones

and i shouldnt even be posting this bc is late and i dont even blog but i mean these glasses are important to me e.e